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Mission & Vision

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Marblehead’s mission is to teach and guide our students through rigorous academics in an environmentally focused learning community, which values the uniqueness of each child and promotes a growth mindset.


High achieving environmental leaders thriving in an innovative environment.



Rigorous Academics:

  • Providing rigorous academics by differentiating instruction to meet grade level standards. 
  • Providing enrichment opportunities for students meeting grade level standards. 
  • Using data from common formative assessments (CFA) to implement targeted interventions. Based on data using common formative assessments. We will support EL students by embedding ELD standards during daily instruction. We will provide equitable access to curriculum.

Environmentally focused:

  • Teaching Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs)
  • Maintaining school garden
  • Reuse, Recycle, Reduce
  • Zero Waste
  • Water Conservation 
  • Limiting paper consumption

Growth Mindset:

  • Character education
  • Using technology
  • Thinking independently
  • Critical thinking
  • Real world problems
  • Recognizing different learning strategies

School Community

  • Uniqueness of each child/student
  • Accepts shared responsibility for the learning of all students
  • Develop collaboration skills for students to use in the global community
  • Ongoing collaboration and effective communication with parents